From the recording Duets For Two Voices

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Dave Brubeck, Lyrics by Richard Bob Greene
Arranged and produced by Richard Bob Greene


Brandenburg, (in ‘61) there by the Berlin gate
He wore a trenchcoat and a Homberg on his balding pate (my comb - over)
He was a spy and so was I
We had a date but I was late
There at the wall, before the fall
Our eyes would meet across the street
We broke the code our feelings showed
We met in public, no more secrecy
(I think the crossing guard is in the KGB)
Brandenburg, (back at the car) he took me in his arms
And when we kissed we could not miss the bulges of firearms (my forty - five)
We found detante in the Trabant, we were on fire (I wore a wire)
We could be shot but I think he’s so hot! (she’s so hot, hot, hot)
No cold war, (Brandenburg) anymore, (Brandenburg)
We were undercover agents so in love at Brandenburg.

Lyrics by Richard Bob Greene